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How would you like your yacht to pay for itself?

Become a Host Boat Owner

From the initial guest inquiries to customer communications, coordinating cleaning and maintenance between guests, YachtStay takes complete control, but at the same time keeps you informed on all phases of the guest activity. Ultimately it is your vessel and you always have the final say on each guest and booking dates.
You can block off dates on our calendar any time you decide to use your boat; either between guests or in blocks of time of your choosing. You can also suspend the program at any given time; however, we ask that you fulfill existing bookings. We require a minimum of six months of available time in the coming year for bookings but it doesn’t have to be consecutive.
Earn additional income by booking charters, using one of our USCG licensed captains through South Florida Yacht Support. This is totally at your discretion and is not required as part of the program.
Being that your Yacht is now a rental property you may be entitled to tax deductions on some of your cost of ownership expenses. Check with your accountant.
Once you make your decision to join our program, someone from YachtStay will meet you at your Yacht and go over all of the sign up information details, take photographs and get things started.

100% free to join.

Once your on board with our program South Florida Yacht Support will perform a free system check and vessel evaluation to make sure that everything is in good working order and that it meets USCG requirements. We normally charge $450.00 for this service.